Ahlen Meet our new Assistant Director, Laine Kotoski

We are excited to announce our new Assistant Director!

Laine Kotoski grew up summering on the Cape and began living here full time almost 10 years ago. After graduating from Whittier College with a degree in Global Cultural Studies & Spanish, she grew to realize that there was a much more multicultural population on the Cape than one may first realize.

Using the skills she gained abroad in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, Laine is excited to make a difference in her own community. She loves language, culture and meeting new people! In addition to her work at the CCLC, Laine is a certified yoga teacher and enjoys nature, cooking, traveling, and reading.


purchase Clomiphene online uk Meet Board Chair Christine Walkley

Christine’s ties to Cape Cod go back to childhood vacations and her husband’s Coast Guard assignment here in the 70’s.  After 23 years of military life at various US stations and deciding no place equaled the Cape, coming back to the Cape was a perfect fit.

Christine first became involved with the CCLC nine years ago by helping update the website and she has never left. Her involvement has expanded to include fundraising, publicity, outreach, tutoring and becoming a member of the Board of Directors serving as Board Chair for the past two years.

She notes that “our volunteers, students and staff have all stepped up to the plate to make distance learning succeed during the pandemic.  We are reaching many students who previously could not attend classes in person and we have attracted many volunteers who have more time to donate.  The coming year holds much promise.”

In addition to her CCLC involvement, Christine plays pickleball, volunteers at the Family Pantry and teaches Zentangle.


Message from the Executive Director

Kathryn Carpenter, Executive Director

Kathryn Carpenter, Executive Director

Coping with illiteracy is a full time occupation for the estimated 30,000 residents of Cape Cod who are unable to read. Our adult students come from all walks of life and represent all ages, incomes, races, cultures and communities. Some students did not complete high school; others missed obtaining important skills and were too embarrassed to seek help. Often the adults we help cannot read street signs, warning labels on prescription bottles, newspapers, complete a job application or read to their children. Whether the goal involves attaining one’s high school equivalency credential (HiSET), helping ESOL students transition into the community or providing opportunities for workplace development, the Council welcomes the opportunity to serve Cape Cod.


 In Memoriam, Scott Himstead (1931 – 2015)

Scott Himstead
CCLC Founder and
Past President  

A tribute to Scott Himstead can be found here.