Message from the Director

Scott Himstead, Cape Cod Literacy Council Board of Directors, President

Coping with illiteracy is a full time occupation for the estimated 30,000 residents of Cape Cod who are unable to read. Our adult students come from all walks of life and represent all ages, incomes, races, cultures, and communities. Some students dropped out of school to support their family. Others missed obtaining important skills and were too embarrassed to seek help. Some students lacked educational opportunities or interest in learning. Often the adults that we help cannot read street signs, sign a check, read the warning label on a prescription bottle, read a newspaper, complete a job application or read to their children.

We are continuing to provide individual and small group tutoring to any adult who needs our help. As you will see in this newsletter, we are introducing the computer as a tool for our tutors to use with their students. It has also been extremely effective not just in increasing reading levels but in building self-esteem and confidence. We currently have three technology sites, Mashpee High School, Barnstable High School and Nauset Regional High School. Students and tutors meet weekly using software specially designed for adults learning to read